Are You Living Inconvenience or Adventure?

Assignment vs. Adventure

If your boss called you today and said you would be re-located a good 45 minute drive from your house, for the next two months– most people would fight the urge to tell their boss

‘exactly where to shove it.’

When I received the news, I was so giddy with excitement I nearly fell out of the damn chair.  You see, our second property, just so happens to be located off of Bellaire Boulevard which means I would be working right smack dab in the middle of

I could not wait to explore this amazing culture first hand.

Transforming Inconvenience into Opportunity

Overwhelmed by the colorful produce stands, delicious restaurants, abundant gift shops and cozy tea houses – all impressively crammed into a couple blocks of real estate, I found myself counting down the minutes to my lunch break every day.

I stumbled into an amazing shop on the corner of Bellaire Boulevard and Rochester Road.

The jingling of intricate copper bells hanging from the door, celebrated my arrival. Dozens of enchanting paper fans, lanterns and stars of all shapes and sizes, delicately hung from the tiny ceiling.

I giggled as hundreds of Maneki-neko figurines waved a warm welcome, all in perfect sync, as I entered the dimly lit room.

Covering nearly every surface, I stood in awe at the incredibly detailed statues of Buddha, Jade Emperor, Krishna, Lakshmi and even The Virgin Mary.  Exquisite tea pots, tea cups, hand carved Tibetan Altars, an endless selection of incense sticks, burners and Chinese fireworks of nearly every shape and size lined the walls of this tiny little treasure trove of goodies.

The shop owner, a petite woman with a childlike smile and deep wrinkles carved into the corners of her eyes, took me by the hand and excitedly gave me a tour of her wares.

Divine Messages From Bizarre Places

Peering up at me, her big brown eyes overflowing with a sense of knowing she whispered

Do not choose for yourself, for your choice is made in ignorance. The Gods will choose for you.
They are wise. Listen…

Glancing around the tiny room, to the various statues of deity engulfing the dimly lit shop, my breath caught in my throat as we stood in silence, allowing the Gods to speak.  A face glowing with pure joy, she leaned in close and smiled,

“Ahhhhh… Yes! Pay attention! The Gods have something for you. Now, go!

Anxious and overcome with nervous energy, my palms began to sweat as I walked down each of the isles, inspecting every single item on every shelf with utter scrutiny.

What if I picked the wrong thing? How do I know what is “right” or “wrong”? I can’t even speak Chinese – I don’t even know what half of this stuff is!

Fear began to rise in the pit of my stomach.  I glanced towards the door.  Maybe I could slowly sulk my way to the exit without her noticing.

Not. A. Chance.

I took a few deep breaths and decided to just Roll With It…
How hard could it be?

As if right on Que, I saw it….

It was a beautiful statue of the Hindu God Ganesha.
A sense of warmth, happiness and pure joy overwhelmed my soul.  I had made the right choice.  I could just feel it.

As I brought the intricate statue to the shop owner, she smiled and nodded in approval.

Adventure~ A State Of Mind

Bright red and gold tissue paper was carefully secured around my beautiful new Ganesha statue.  She peered up at the statues along the wall as if they were speaking to her in a frequency I simply was not privy to.  Her gaze shifted back to me as she whispered

Come with me…

Reaching behind the counter, she lifted a beautifully embroidered, red velvet curtain. Peering over her shoulder, she grinned from ear to ear, as we crouched to enter a tiny cut out that lead to an exquisite hand carved wooden altar. Hidden beneath a beautiful indigo blue silk tapestry, she uncovered an intricately carved birch trunk donning heavy metal handles on both sides.  She slowly lifted the lid, as I peered down to see strange octagonal shaped pieces of hand painted wood with various circular mirrors inlaid in the center of each one.  Her smile faded and her brow furrowed as she retained a more serious tone

“These are Bagua Mirrors. You will choose one, take it home and immediately hang it outside of your front or back door. Do NOT hang it inside your home! The Bagua will protect against Shar-Chi and will create good fortune and harmony for you.

 I took a moment to examine each Bagua; to hold each one delicately in my hand.  My decision was made.

The shop owner smiled and nodded. I knew I made the right choice.

Are You Living Inconvenience or Adventure?

A quick shift in perspective easily transformed inconvenience into unforgettable.
We have subscribed to a mindset that convinces us our adventure will only appear after hours of endless planning, thousands of dollars spent on a plane ticket and a 5 star hotel in some far off, remote location.
We believe adventure can only be found in some far away place.
What if I told you adventure already exists, in unlimited amounts, all around you?
What could you do right now to discover the adventure that surrounds you?

You deserve to explore, grow, expand, learn and create.
Everything you seek is within you and all around you. What does the Universe have in store for you?



~ dex

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