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What the hell is Paganism?
I'd be willing to bet your eclectic, free spirit, nature worshipping, bohemian love child self already aligns with the Pagan way of life.
A Venti Chai Latte says I'm right?

~ The Pagan Grimoire ~

You've done your research.
You're ready to experience your own powerful transformation but you have no idea where to start. Take a peek into my personal Book of Shadows for some inspiration!

Pagan Products

Tarot Cards, Rose Quartz Druzy, Beautifully Carved Wands of Alder and Birch, Crystal Balls, Cast Iron Cauldrons, Spellbooks and Sage.
I know, I know~ we need all the things too! Let us help you create the Sacred Space of your dreams.

Are You Living Inconvenience or Adventure?

Assignment vs. Adventure If your boss called you today and said you would be re-located a good 45 minute drive from your house, for the next two months– most people would fight the urge to tell their boss ‘exactly where to shove it.’ When I received the news, I was so giddy with excitement I nearly fell out of the damn chair.  You see, our second property, […]

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