If you are just starting your spiritual adventure or you've already leveled up to Guru status-
I want to formally welcome you to the Path To Bodhi.


Listen, this isn't one of those "Achieve Enlightenment Quick" scams that takes your money, offers you piss poor advise and leaves you contemplating your ability to successfully burn your former Guru's house to the ground.
Let's see how well positive thinking works for him now.

Am I right?

Look, I can't risk you catching a case.

So, I am going to offer an alternative. 

You wouldn't be here if you weren't already moving through one of the three main aspects of The Path To Bodhi.


 Veganpaganyogi offers a powerful tribe of strong, determined, motivated badasses who refuse to hand over their power to any one person, ideology or truth.  They seek knowledge, apply the wisdom to their own life experience and make a definitive choice to add it to their personal journey or discard it completely. 

You owe it to yourself, to your legacy to stop handing over your power to someone else. I am asking you to commit to to yourself that you will never again allow others to guilt or shame you into following a path that doesn't produce results for you.  Veganpaganyogi has the tools you need to discover who you are, in whatever way, shape or form you so choose, knowing you have a powerful tribe backing you and a sacred space to share your journey with others.



We are all different for a very valid and precise reason. When you try to force people with differing perspectives, backgrounds, experience and knowledge into a one size fits all "Path to The Ultimate Truth" you are destined for failure.

I Cannot Tell You What Your Truth Is.

No one can. Yet it seems our physical reality is some bizarre Twilight Zone episode where everyone around you knows the truth of who you are- except you. We are constantly bombarded with people, perspectives, philosophies and paths to follow that promise to help us find ourselves. 

I am not here to tell you what you should do, who you should be or how you should live your life.
Your journey is unique and beautiful.
Your life is yours to enjoy, explore, create and discover as you so choose.
Tis' the beauty of being alive, my friend.
I want you to explore everything you can, apply what resonates with you, discard what doesn't, try new things and challenge yourself.
And when you veer of into some strange, beautiful realization- I want you to come back and share it with us.


You do not have to travel your journey alone. Our path is destined to be unique, vibrant, chaotic and full of endless twists and turns. Our journey may not be the same but our path just so happened to cross right here, right now, for some strange, beautiful purpose.  I am so grateful that you made it here, that you found our tribe~ because I know you have something truly life altering inside you. I cannot wait for you to share your wisdom, your journey, your calling, your life expression, your truth with all of us. 

The foundation of my own personal journey began with three powerful keys.
Each key revealed a new door, a new challenge and a powerful new opportunity to achieve alignment and master a new level of transformation.
The Path To Bodhi presents you with the same three keys.