The Art Of Being Vegan

My Vegan Story

If people only knew the struggle, frustration, constant disappointment, mockery and doubt every Vegan faces on a daily basis- maybe they would see just how amazing The Art of Being Vegan truly is.

My transition to Veganism happened literally overnight.

Does that even count as a transition?

While browsing YouTube, I stumbled across an amazing video lecture by Gary Yourofsky. By the time my little family was finished, nearly half of our refrigerator, freezer and pantry was piled neatly into in trash bags, lining our porch.

Why Veganism?

Every Vegan I’ve ever met has had one solid, earth shattering realization that completely altered the course of their very existence. My awakening was no different, it rocked me to my core.

As a Pagan, I considered the negative implications of eating meat and dairy, from a purely energetic perspective.

Killing innocent, living beings who are born and bread to be tortured and killed is not only morally wrong, it is

Energetically Toxic.

The negative energy from such devastation is then transferred to your plate and transcends into your body’s own energetic field.

Rise of The Machines

I quickly realized this Meat and Dairy Machine not only lead to countless innocent lives lost but…

The Meat and Dairy Machine breeds Generation upon Generation of Human Psychopathy.

Psychopath (noun) – possessing a callous unconcern for the feelings of others. Psychopaths show lack of emotion, especially social emotions, such as shame, guilt and embarrassment. Psychopaths experience a lack of remorse and continuously shift the blame of their actions towards anyone but themselves.

– From “What is a Psychopath?” at Psychology Today

When I witnessed the blatant torment animals were subjected to, at the hands of Human beings, I wondered how anyone could participate in such cruelty and devastation. To be honest, I couldn’t finish watching many of the videos that showed these horrific acts first hand. I felt powerless, frustrated, overwhelmed and most of all- pissed off.
Destroying the Meat and Dairy industry became my mission. Uncovering the lies fed to generation after generation became my motivation.

Taking A Stand

I spent day and night researching Veganism. I became obsessed with living a cruelty free, compassionate life, in every way possible. I would no longer contribute to or support the torture and loss of innocent lives. I broke free from the chains of normalcy and ignorance. I made a commitment to remove the blinders, to see the sugar coated reality of the meat and dairy industry as it truly is. I was going to change my life and I was going to do it now.

Veganism & Self Doubt

I am not going to lie to you, Veganism takes a lot of time, patience, motivation and will power. A simple trip to the grocery store takes no less than 45 minutes. Finding Organic anything is a debacle. Reading every single ingredient, on every single item you consider purchasing, makes your eyes cross and the room spin beneath your feet

    You sigh, and shake your head as you are forced to put half your cart right back on the shelf.

                                             You dread fighting with fast food workers about removing their beloved

       Meat, Eggs, Cheese, Sour Cream, Butter and Milk…

from every damn item on their menu.

Don’t worry, everything you wanted removed will still be there, as if to test your resolve. And let’s not delve into those people in your life, who just cannot seem to accept or ignore the fact that you happen to be Vegan.

Even through all of this –  every single frustration, irritation, all the time spent, the hard work, the research- it is all worth it. I hope you know how much of an impact YOU make every single day, by your choice to be Vegan.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of why we made the choice to be Vegan. You are saving lives, with every breath, through every step, through every bite you take. And that is something worth celebrating.


~ dex ~

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