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Yoga Lifestyle

Need a easy Yoga Routine to kick start your practice? Want the scoop on the latest Yoga trends, fashion and products everyone keeps babbling about?
Want the stats for the new Anti-Gravity Ariel Yoga Classes? Not sure what the hell that is?
Don't worry. We'll sneak you in the back for a quick re-cap. No one will ever know.

Yoga Tips & Tricks

Ain't nobody got time for that. Am I right?
Hell, that $60 Yoga Mat is still stuffed somewhere in that hall closet you never open. This was my story too, until I created a few hacks that made Yoga hella easy- especially for busy, lazy people like myself.
Busy and lazy? Yes. Let's get your Bus-azy ass on the mat- for good!

Yoga Products

Listen, you and I both know some products are worth shelling out your hard earned Benjamin's for. But lets be honest, Honey Toasty O's taste exactly the same as the name brand. Are we supposed to eat that fancy box too?
Let's check out the best of the best-the brands & the dupes!

Yoga ~ Self Mastery & Calling Your Bullshit

Mastering Self by Admitting My Faults Can I just be real with you for a minute? I am notoriously flaky and non-committal. I’ve been this way my entire life. I chalk it up to an overwhelming character flaw that has plagued my very existence. That and stinky feet. It’s bizarre but my hubby always says: “Babe, you are so hot- but your feet smell terrible. I mean, I’d […]

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